Daewoo Brushed Silver Stainless Steel 3 Heat Setting 3.5L Ceramic Slow Cooker Machine - B01MT200VC

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  • Slow Cooker
    low cooking has traditionally been used for soups and casseroles but it can also cook most modern family meals. Slow cooking has always been the best way to cook a delicious hot meal with the minimum preparation.

    The cooking temperature is the same on both settings, so the setting you choose merely dictates how quickly the slow cooker gets up to temperature. The lower setting (usually 8 hour to 10 hours cooking times) heats food gently, whereas the higher setting (4 hour to 6 hours cooking times) will heat food quicker.

    The Sear and Stew slow cooker allows you to create an extensive selection of meals with the added benefit of being able to sear the meat in the same pan.

    Searing meat in the cooking pan means that the juices from the meat combine with the rest of the ingredients creating richer, fuller flavours in your dishes.

    NB the Slow Cooker will not 'boil' food but gently cook it over a long period of time.


    • 305L capacity removable ceramic pot
    • 3 easy to operate heat functions
    • Glass lid with steam vent & heat resistant handle
    • Heat resistant handles for easy manoeuvability
    • Maximum nutrition
    • 200W
    • Healthy living
    • Lightweight, portable and durable

    Daewoo Brushed Silver Stainless Steel 3 Heat Setting 3.5L Ceramic Slow Cooker Machine - B01MT200VC

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