10 Pack of Round Lunch Boxes &ndash BPA-Free Odor-Free Meal Prep Containers for Healthy Eating &ndash Stackable Microwavable On the Go Food Storage Bento Box - B0792BRMJ2

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  • 🍱 SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH THIS BUNDLE OF TEN FOOD BOXES - This 10 pack of food storage boxes means you will have enough containers to last a week of meals or for various family members. Enjoy taking a packed lunch to work or school every day of the week in these dry food storage containers.

  • 🍱 COMPACT AND STORNG TO PREVENT FOOD FROM FALLING OR SPILLING - These strong sandwich boxes include very secure lids to stop any food from falling or spilling out. Ideal for soup, vegetables OR any other food with sauces. The small meal prep box (450ml / 6 x 16 x 5cm) holds a compact sized portion of food which is great for travelling.

  • 🍱 SUPER STURDY TO LAST YOU FOR YEARS TO COME - Unlike thin and flimsy containers that crack or leak, these round plastic food boxes are made of thick, strong durable plastic. These lunch box containers can be stacked in the fridge or larder to save space.

  • 🍱 ALWAYS HAVE A FRESH HOME COOKED MEAL ON THE GO - Whether you need a packed lunch for work or want to batch cook and store in the freezer, these meal preparation boxes help you stay organized. If you have a hectic schedule or large family everyone will appreciate having a meal they can just grab n go!

  • 🍱 MICROWAVE, DISHWASHER SAFE, REUSABLE FOOD BOXES - You decide if these are baby food containers, take away meal containers or pet food containers. Whichever way you use them, these reusable sandwich boxes are BPA free, microwavable, and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and safe eating.

  • Size:450 ml

    Pack A Healthy, Delicious Lunch for Yourself, Children or Partner In These Durable Plastic Lunch Boxes!

    Just think of all the delicious meals you can prepare and store in these food boxes.
    Salads, chicken, sandwiches, desert, tortilla wraps, and veggies can be stored in these durable plastic food containers.

    The large compartment will fit nice healthy portions of food, so you won't be hungry.

    Preparing food ahead of time means you don't need to order take away's or buy food while you are at work.
    Parents can have peace of mind when they know their kids have gone to school with a healthy lunch ready for break time.

    General Features:
    ✔️ Strong and Durable - These food boxes that can be reused multiple times, and they can also be recycled.
    ✔️ Stackable - Saves space in your fridge or larder shelves if you want to store dry foods in them.
    ✔️ Ideal for Leftovers - Snack, salads, sandwiches, curries (yum) pasta and more.
    ✔️ Tight Fitting Lid - These lids will not fall off during transportation, and they stop food mixing together.
    ✔️ Microwave Safe - Enjoy a hot lunch at work or a hot dinner as soon as you walk through the door.
    ✔️Dishwasher Safe - We recommend placing the food box on the top rack of the dishwasher, or just rinse in the sink.
    ✔️ Freezer Safe - Have yourself a cooking marathon and store your delicious foods in the freezer for when you need them.
    ✔️ Perfect Portion Control - The medium sized compartments are great for controlling portions and eating the right amount of food.✔️ Great for Pet Parents - Animal lovers can store any pet food in the boxes. Try dry dog food, cat food or bird food.

    ↗️ Size: 450ml / 6 cm Length x 16 cm Width x 5 cm Height
    ↗️ Material: BPA free PP plastic (polypropylene) recycling mark of 5.

    No more last-minute cooking. Prep your meals ahead of time

    10 Pack of Round Lunch Boxes &ndash BPA-Free Odor-Free Meal Prep Containers for Healthy Eating &ndash Stackable Microwavable On the Go Food Storage Bento Box - B0792BRMJ2

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