10 Meal Prep Containers - BPA Free Plastic - Microwave Freezer and Dishwasher Safe - Reusable Takeaway Food Storage Boxes with Lids - 1 Compartment - B075NG23CT

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  • BPA FREE - every meal prep container is made of high quality plastic, sturdy, and most of all reusable until you get tired, since they are BPA free food containers, safe for your health and that of your family. FDA Approved

  • BETTER ORGANIZATION - With this pack of 10 takeaway containers, you can organize up to two weeks of meals to take to work. You can put the food containers in the freezer, heat them in the microwave and then put them in the dishwasher

  • SUITABLE FOR YOUR EATING STYLE - Choose single compartment food containers or three compartment food containers depending on whether you're having a three-course meal or if you're eating single dishes

  • FOR ALL NEEDS - These takeaway containers with lids are ideal as food containers lunch box for office, as picnic food containers, for school as food containers for kids and even as dog food storage or cat food storage

  • SPACE SAVER - When you don't use the disposable plastic food containers with lids, you can stack them on top of each other and the occupied space will be negligible.

  • Size:1 Partition

    Do you have to have lunch at your workplace? These food containers with lids are perfect for you.
    Do you like picnics? This food containers set is ideal for you.
    Should your child bring food to school? These reusable food containers are what you need.
    Love takeaway food but not paper containers? These plastic takeaway containers solve the problem.
    If you have pets, use them as pet food storage containers: are excellent for keeping their food tidy.

    In every situation, the meal prep boxes are perfect.

    Until you use them, these reusable takeaway containers will take up very little space because they are stackable.
    When it's time to use the disposable food containers, you'll realize the excellent purchase you've made.

    You can use the freezer containers to prepare your portions and store them in the freezer, they will withstand without problem at low temperatures.
    To eat your meal, put the microwave containers in the microwave.
    All in safety for you and your loved ones, because the plastic food container is made of BPA-free plastic and is FDA approved.
    The plastic food storage boxes with lids cannot be used in the conventional oven.
    For maximum comfort, the food container can be washed in the dishwasher.

    You can have this dry food container set in two versions: with only one compartment, or with three compartments,
    which makes the disposable food container particularly useful for all those who follow a diet or need to portion their meals.
    The reusable food storage container is perfect for all solid foods, it is not suitable for liquid foods such as soups.

    Buy your helper for lunch today: the ASAB set of reusable food containers!

    10 Meal Prep Containers - BPA Free Plastic - Microwave Freezer and Dishwasher Safe - Reusable Takeaway Food Storage Boxes with Lids - 1 Compartment - B075NG23CT

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